Ginger Hackman 182

Ginger Hackman

Graphite - 5"x 5"
(# 183)

One of my netscape visitors wrote me concerning this portrait:

Ms. Fairchild,
.... As I was browsing the Internet today I happened to come across your on-line gallery. Your work impresses me, but what really shocked and amazed me was your rendering of a lady named Ginger Hackman (graphite portrait #183).

I went to high school with Ginger. She sat right next to me in more than a few classes. We also attended the same church. With the exception of my brother, she and I did not have many common friends, but we were well acquainted.

I have not seen Ginger almost seventeen years. Even so, I can say with certainty that your portrait is an astounding likeness of her. She looks just as I remember her as a teenager, but your drawing conveys so much more than just her appearance. I can see, even if she just sat a few minutes for you, that you know Ginger to be not only beautiful, but also unassuming. When I knew her, she was always very friendly and outgoing and always had a smile on her face. I can tell time has not robbed her of those qualities because you have captured them in just a few milligrams of graphite. It is as if you have drawn not just her face, but her personality. I compliment and thank you for that.