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SENNELIER     Gustave Sennelier opened the doors of the Maison Sennelier at 3 Quai Voltaire in 1887. This Parisian landmark faces the Louvre on the Left Bank, just around the corner from the École des Beaux Arts.
Sennelier • The Paints of the Impressionist since 1887
Artists like Cézanne, Gauguin, Monet, Bonnard, Soutine, Picasso, Modigliani, Kandinsky, and Dali made this place a historic rendez-vous. A place where the most celebrated names could find the finest colors available for artists. Sennelier’s expertise in colors and art materials is surpassed only by their passion for them. Sennelier has been a resource for artists since the era of the Impressionists, and that tradition continues today for all customers of the Maison Sennelier.
Signature Series - her
Bare Basic Set
#116 Titanium White #837 Viridian
#696 Permanent Alizarin Crimson #305 Cerulean Blue
#636 Sennelier Red #314 French Ultramarine Blue
#531 Cadmium Yellow Medium #916 Ultramarine Violet
#535 Cadmium Yellow Lemon #202 Burnt Umber

Signature Series - her Expansion Set
These colours are additional choices. If you want to expand your set farther.
#119 Zinc White #252 Yellow Ochre
#690 Rose Madder Lake #819 Sap Green
#607 Cadmium Red Medium #307 Cobalt Blue
#698 Geranium Lake #623 Venetian Red
#537 Cadmium Yellow Orange #211 Burnt Sienna

Signature Series
If you want to expand your set even farther.

Colours in Blue
her Fulfillment Set

Colours in Red
her Finishing Set
#941 Magenta #813 Olive Green
#639 Carmine Deep #845 Permanent Green
#606 Cadmium Red Deep #343 Cobalt Turquoise
#638 Cinnabar Red #328 Manganese Blue
#657 Permanent Rose #399 Sennelier Blue
#605 Cadmium Red Light #911 Cobalt Violet Hue
#645 Chinese Orange #629 Indian Red
#609 Cadmium Red Orange #471 Madder Brown
#533 Cadmium Yellow Deep #412 Sennelier Transp't Brown
#529 Cadmium Yellow Light
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MaimeriBlu is one of my favorite manufacturers and one of the few who produce some of the finest artist materials available at a reasonable price. In Italy, during 1923, Gianni Maimeri finely ground a variety of pigments and mixed them with refined oils to create his own paints. His choice of palette was developed from the vibrant colors reminiscent of his Mediterranean surroundings. In time, he became known for the quality of his paints and, as custom holds, he passed this knowledge through three generations of sons. Thus, today, you can purchase these remarkable products at an affordable price. Just for you, I have personally selected a palette of colors which I  truly believe you will find delightful. Whatever medium you prefer, you can now select a package which will suit your own needs superbly.
MaimeriBlu paints have always been made by hand. This perfection continues, in order to ensure the highest quality possible and to guarantee that these paint are unadulterated. There are no additives or artificial processes which might compromise the genuineness of this product. MAIMERI still follows the proper procedures to prepare individual paint pans with traditional manual methods and, thus, preserve the purity of formula and composition that creates the fine quality of these watercolours with integrity.
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Six Wonderful Colors:
# 112 Permanent Yellow Lemon
# 161 Raw Sienna
# 256 Magenta Red
# 340 Permanent Green Deep
# 391 Ultramarine Light
# 492 Brunt Umber
In designing this palette of 72 colours, preference is given to the pigments which offer the greatest transparency, while creating the highest quality of colour and light fastness possible. Among these, there are 52 pure colours, consisting of a single pigment which is bound with distilled water and a very high quality gum-arabic from The Sudan.

Paintings rendered with clear, translucent watercolour are the result of exceptional colour clarity. These MAIMERIBLU colours, pure, simple and extraordinarily transparent are my preferred choice. Marilynn’s Choice!
#110 Permanent Orange #324 Cupric Green Deep
#116 Primary Yellow #339 Permanent Green Light
#125 Orange Lake #392 Ultramarine Deep
#128 Golden Lake #400 Primary Blue - Cyan
Signature Series - her Fundamentals Set #182 Rose Lake #463 Permanent Violet Bluish
#278 Burnt Sienna #486 Sepia

       Signature Series - her Expansion Set
These colors are additional choices. If you want to expand your set farther for a total of 30 different colors, which includes Maimeri Blu Tester Set above. #082 Cadmium Yellow Lemon #325 Hooker’s Green
#098 Indian Yellow #338 Permanent Green Yellowish
#114 Permanent Yellow Deep #348 Viridian
#131 Yellow Ochre #350 Turquoise Green
#181 Garnet Lake #392 Faience Blue
#251 Permanent Red Light #488 Brown Stil de Grain
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ARTISTI: Extrafine Soft Pastels
Extrafine pastels, such as MAIMERI’S “Artisti” line must be handled, tested, and blended to reveal their true qualities.  They have a velvety surface texture which facilitates each pastel in gliding onto your paper with ease. You will find these fine pastel pigments are produced with purity, lightfastness and colouring power in mind. Manufactured with the best raw materials available,  “Artisti” pastels retain their intensity through time and enhance the chromatic value of your artistic creations. 
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30 Maimeri Italian made Professional Soft Pastels
or 90 Set Maimeri Artisti Professional Soft Pastels
Beautiful full sticks of soft pastels, super blendable, but not crumbly or dusty. Hard enough to draw a fine line, but still they blend at a touch of the finger.
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