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Every portrait I create is a direct result of my intuitive response to the subject I am portraying. Each painting is a totally new experience with its own set of requirements and challenges. In response, I explore all the possibilities available while developing my personal instincts. My abilities and creative talents are closely attuned to the discovery and understanding of the individual’s inner psyche in order to portray that person’s true essence, their pure persona, their living soul. I believe this ability to capture the inner beauty and discover the spirit within each subject is of utmost importance. A passable likeness is not good enough to satisfy most connoisseurs. A successful artist must look beyond the physical characteristics of a visage and capture the very essence of the subject. Finding this in a work of art today is extremely rare, but especially so with portraiture. Yet, it is this very talent that most distinguishes a fine artist from a good illustrator.

I, therefore, truly hope you will seriously consider my talents when choosing your personal portrait artist. I would be most delighted to create a treasured heirloom for you to cherish and eventually hand down to future generations of loved ones. Perhaps you would prefer a distinguished portrait for your corporate office or other related business facility. Whatever your personal interest, I look forward to the opportunity of creating an exciting work of art which will delight and intrigue you.

Please check out the wonderful comment from a visitor to my web site regarding the portrait of Ginger Hackman, "you have captured them (her quailities) in just a few milligrams of graphite".

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