Supervising & Instructing at Mint Museum

Supervising & Instructing at
Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC


Teaching Senior's Painting Class in Pineville, NC
Demonstrating Conté Crayon Figure drawing

Mixing colors

Teaching Senior's Painting Class
in Pineville, NC

Learning Through Exploration and Observation

Drawing is a natural impulse. It is just as natural to draw as it is to write, to talk, or to communicate in any fashion or form, but we must first reach out to others for help and interaction. As infants, we must crawl before we walk. In the very beginning, we have to learn the basics of putting one foot in front of the other and we all must grow and improve through our "bumpy" beginnings. We work hard, we search, and we find the roadway through our continual efforts on the inspirational journey towards the accomplishment of our goals, whether it be marathon runner or fine artist.

As a teacher, I can point out the mechanics of what fabricates the road to be traveled and how to smooth out the rough spots along the way, but it is more important that I give you the proper guidance with the best navigational route towards your preferred destination.

One must know how to learn !!!

We learn through exploration and observation!

So join me and select a course to follow from the following class sessions and workshops of interest to you. Contact me for any additional information. Let me be your personal guide towards finding what is best in you!

UPCOMING CLASS January 21, 2019

See information concerning this class below. You can also link from it to a printable pdf to fill out and send in, securing your place in the class. (Please call (916) 272-2548 if you have any questions.)