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Art Gallery Unlimited

507 East 36th Street Charlotte, NC 28205

Pentes Artworks
1346 Hill Road
Charlotte, NC 28210

Houston Dimension II International Arts Festival Exhibit

Museum of Fine Arts: El Paso, Texas

Gillespie Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida

Gallery 401, Palm Beach, Florida

Greenville Museum of Fine Arts, Greenville, South Carolina

Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC

Fleck Brothers, Inc. New York City

Studio of Long Grove, Chicago

Nell Yperifanos Gallery, Inc., New York City

Summa Gallery

The Charlotte Museum of History & The Hezekiah Alexander Homesite

Lincoln Cultural
Center , Lincolnton, NC

Bowles, Sorokko, Yarger, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
Thinking of You

Every work of art I produce is a direct result of the world we experience together, whether joyfully celebrating the multitudes or from the solitary and private moments we experience during our lifetimes.
My art is an extension and expression of my exploration of this fascinating world we share combined with my individual experiences with you. People have enriched my life tremendously and given me creative insights into the meaning of life along with innovative ways of seeing and understanding while gaining the knowledge of how to express these concepts.
I thank you for taking the time to enter my world and visit with me during your tour through this exhibition of my creative endeavors. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the experience and will return often to my world.
As always .... Thinking of you, Marilynn
Jack Pentes of PENTES ARTWORKS says ... " Marilynn's work reflects her inner beauty and her prowess in communicating art to all people at all levels." (for expanded comments please link here)

Dear Marilynn,

WOW! "Bagpiper" has transformed my entire home. He greets us when we enter and he can be seen from the main living area.

"Bagpiper" stands proudly in vibrant color, and his music fills our home.

Marilynn, thank you for sharing your gift!

Sincerely, Charles Williams
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