Demonstrations & Programs
Demonstrating "Figure Drawing" Demonstrating "Figure Drawing"
"Figure Drawing" at
The Mint Museum of Art
in Charlotte, NC
using pastel on Masonite Board. The Model was "Micki" Harrington and the resulting art was Reflections
At Queen's Gallery
At Queen's Gallery
giving figure drawing demonstration in Conté Crayon
for The Charlotte Art Society

There is a spiritual oneness with the creative process that brings you closer to nature and life and death which also becomes a growth process with your consciousness and all that is around you. When creating you enter another world where you lose all concept of time and become one with the world. My Programs are designed to guide you into this creative process. Please contact me about where I will be appearing next or about setting up a program for your organization. Many of my programs are directly connected with workshops so that the creative process can continue with your own personal journey.

Up coming Demonstrations:

Marilynn Fairchild's Art Insight, On Public Access TV, Every Saturdays 9:00 pm