Eugene Payne on Marilynn Fairchild:

I have known Marilynn Fairchild for about thirty years as a practicing Charlotte artist. In addition, for the past twenty or so years, she has taught quality art both in
Charlotte and throughout the United States.

Her art work has been multifaceted covering all media of painting, drawing, art prints, design, and sculpture. All of her work is produced in a very professional
manner and includes a diversity of components, whether presented through realism or abstract means. She has a keen understanding of design and the elements of
good composition. Her sculpture ranges from amazing life size bronze figures and portrait bust to abstract forms based on nature’s elements and sculpted in

Marilynn has also traveled extensively throughout the world , especially within the United States and in South America, and often incorporates some of the cultural
flavor of ethnic groups into her art work.

She is a valued artist in this city and Charlotte would benefit tremendously through more exposure to her talents and original works of art.
My formal education began with the Royal Academy of Art in Great Britain, yet I pursued most of my education here in the United States of America, attending the Universities of Texas, William and Mary, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I have also studied with several distinguished artists such as Everett Raymond Kinstler, Elliot McMurrough, Wolf Khan, Robert Heindel, Stephen Quiller, and Michael del Priore. I have won numerous awards for my portraits, landscapes, and figure studies in both two and three-dimensional work. Among the most notable are "Best of Show" in several prestigious competitions such as The Sun Carnival International Art Competition at The Museum of Fine Art in El Paso, Texas, Houston's International Portrait Show, The Florida Federation of Artist Show, and for three consecutive years of The GCA's International Art Shows. I have been a featured artist through the Charlotte Symphony ASID Designer Houses and on WSOC, WATC, WGGS, and CMPAC Television. My work is maintained both nationally and internationally in several private collections and I am acclaimed as a superb portrait artist. My paintings include portraits of Princess Haifa Nahas (the daughter of King Faud of Saudi Arabia), John Settles (Vice President of Venezuelan Petroleum), and such textile magnates as Duke Kimbrell (CEO/Owner of Parkdale Mills) and Jim Stowe (Stowe Mills). In addition, my portrait of Duke Kimbrell was also published on the cover of "Textile World" Magazine. Throughout my career, my creations have been viewed in distinguished galleries, museums and showrooms such as the The Museum of Fine Art in El Paso, Texas; The Mint Museum of Art and it's Gallery 501 in Charlotte, North Carolina; both Gallery 401 and the Gillespie Gallery on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida; The Museum of Fine Arts in Greenville, South Carolina; The Studio of Long Grove in Chicago, Illinois; The Nell Yperifanos Gallery in New York City, Art Gallery UNLIMITED in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Bowles • Soroko • Yarger on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Dewy Rose, Georgia, where I create both two and three-dimensional works of art utilizing all mediums. My sculptural forms are fashioned in stone, terra-cotta, concrete, claystone, and bronze or other metals. Usually, I find the preferred medium for two-dimensional pieces to be oil, graphite, or pastel, but I also create in acrylic, water-color, and mixed-media forms. In addition, I was recently commissioned by
Warner Brothers to create a life sized bronze-finished bust of Miguel Nunez which would epitomize him as Jamal Johnson in the starring role of the movie "Juwanna Mann" along with Vivica A. Fox and other well known movie stars. Further more, several of my paintings were chosen for display throughout the interior set designs during the filming of this movie and I have been given a credit line in the titles.  Recently the Smithsonian added my Williamsburg series of graphite drawings (Stitch in Time, Twist in Time, Williamsburg Cabinet Maker, & Williamsburg Lady Making Fire Bucket) to their collection.

In addition, during 2002, I began producing my own weekly television series of art shows, wherein I demonstrate all mediums of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional fine art.  I present  issues of content and discuss matters relating to the basic principles of creating fine art.  I cover everything from the art supplies  required for each medium to understanding color, balance and movement.  My show is all about “how to” create, understand and appreciate fine art.  The name of my television show is 
"Marilynn Fairchild's Art Insight" and it is both increasing in popularity and in viewership.  At the present time, it is already airing out of North Carolina and Georgia and being well received. In the very near future, it is scheduled to expand through South Carolina and into Tennessee.  My weekly television show continues to grow in popularity while I experience the joy of creative expression and sharing my knowledge of the fine arts, in order to help others appreciate fine art and learn new ways of expressing themselves, as well as healing themselves through the joy of creativity. (Link here to view show listings)

Artist's Statement:

I was trained in the fine arts. I am well known for my creative talents as an exceptionally fine artist. I have combined my unique creative talents along with a profound knowledge of the psyche in portraying the pure persona, the essence of my subject within my paintings. This ability to capture the inner beauty and soul of the subject is of utmost importance. A passable likeness is not good enough to satisfy most connoisseurs. A successful artist must look beyond the physical characteristics of a visage and capture the very essence of the subject. A passable likeness is not good enough. This ability in an artist is extremely rare, but especially so with portraiture. Yet, it is this very talent that most distinguishes a fine artist from a good illustrator. This unique gift elevates my art above the ordinary and serviceable. Indeed, my creations are among the most treasured possessions of my clients. This is a rare and valuable combination of skills and talent seldom found in the world today.

Should you be interested in more information on me as an artist and my work, please feel free to email me at

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