Juwanna Mann S113a

Juwanna Mann
The Movie

Commissioned by Warner Brothers
(Morgan Creek) for movie
Juwanna Mann of movie's
star Miguel Nunez

will open June 21, 2002

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Charlotte Observer Arts & Entertainment

Local artist sculpted bust for
cross-dressing comedy

by Davia McCrossan

South Charlotte sculptor/artist Marilynn Fairchild's work also is featured in the Warner Brothers movie "Juwanna Mann."

Fairchild was commissioned by Warner Brothers to sculpt a life-size, bronze-finished bust of the film's star Miguel Nunez. Nunez stars as basketball player Jamal Jeffries. The original sculpture, which is a true likeness of Nunez, is prominently featured during the film's climatic turning point. In addition to the sculpture, several of Fairchild's paintings are displayed throughout the interior set designs, including "Miss Margaret," which is used as a portrait of Jeffries' aunt; "Summer's Bounty," "Sea Pine," and "Kanuga Branch."

Fairchild, who lives on Stonewood Drive in Montclaire, is listed in the credit lines for creative accomplishments. "They told me I was one of the few that would get a credit line, so I hope I did," said Fairchild.

Fairchild said that Warner Brothers contacted her after someone with the company saw her work in a gallery. To design the piece, she met with Nunez in Charlotte and visited the set where she took photographs of him at work.

Fairchild said that Warner Brothers owns the sculpture and she's not sure where it is today. "I heard that Nunez was planning to buy it from Warner Brothers. but I'm not sure whether he did," she said.

Fairchild uses diverse materials for her three-dimensional works, including stone, terra-cotta, concrete, claystone and bronze. A variety of her pieces are displayed at the Charlotte Art League and Myersart Gallery. Her work will be feature at Myersart gallery in early 2003. To learn more about Fairchild and her work, visit her website at www.fairchildart.com.